Hector Moran, Began his musical career in 98’s, in the city of San Salvador,  Couple years later becomes a regional reference in the House & Deep House music scene. During his career HM has been playing constantly in several venues @ Central, South & North America sharing decks with a long list of well known artist like: Ninetoes, Dance Spirit, Paul Rich, Soulclap, Rebekah, Alexis Cabrera, Loud Neighbor, Ramon Tapia, Mobius Strum, Xpansul, Camea, Robert Babicz, Hollen, Coyu, Green Velvet, Carlo Lio, Saeed Younan to name a few. Now Hector is based Houston, TX.

Head Honcho on Beatamin Recordings, Organica Music & Co-owner @ Infuse USA.

Signed by: Viva, Blufin, 303lovers, Audiophile Deep, Unscene Records, Half Seas Over, Tip Tap, Something Different Again, Platform 7even, Monique Speciale, The Pool House, Denied Music, Retune Music to name a few.